Year-Round Camps: Youth Multimedia Video Production

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    The internet provides youth with unlimited opportunities for creativity and imagination. Nowadays, quite a few young people have had experience with editing programs such as Windows Media Player; some have even displayed their creations on social platforms such as YouTube.  However, we found that many of these productions, despite demonstrating excellent ideas and concepts, revealed weaknesses such as lack of planning and incorrect application of photography, lighting techniques, or post-production (editing) procedures.  As a result, some of these products are poor in sequential order of the materials and aesthetically unappealing. Novelists must write well to tell their stories to readers; video producers must shoot, edit, and narrate skillfully to communicate with and engage an audience.
    For this purpose, DW C-Learning is preparing a training program for the greater Washington D.C. area's high school youths on Multimedia Video Production.  Our professional trainers have designed a course/camp to teach youths the fundamentals and basic techniques of video story making. Students will learn via hands-on experience.  The program will encourage students' own ideas and teach them how to turn their own ideas into a presentable video production.  Two highly experienced instructors on multimedia video production will let students have a very hands-on experience on all aspects of making a complete video production.
     To prepare for the summer camps, DW C-Learning offered a pilot program during the MCPS Spring Break, a 5-day full time course taught in both English and Chinese.  It was a blast!!  The video productions created by students are showcased here, with reporting from local media platforms on the Spring Camp.  We are now ready to offer year-round camps starting this summer, families should plan ahead and register early as the seats for each camp is only 10.  The location of the pilot program is near the brand new North Potomac Community Recreation Center (13850 Travilah Road, Rockville, MD 20850).

    The 2017 summer camps operate on site only (no remote participation).  We welcome families from the Greater Washington D.C. region, from anywhere in North America, or from overseas such as China to participate.  Families are expected to arrange for own travel and local lodging. If the family needs assistance in local lodging, please indicate so in the registration form and we will try our best to help out.

    Students completing any of our camps may get recommended to internships or jobs at local media organizations, earning SSL or stipend.  

Example of weekly full-time camp schedule

Weekly schedule

Goal: able to finish a complete cycle of producing a video product. The technical difficulty is relative lower than a 2-week course.

Day 1

Team forming, assignments, discussion of themes, task assignments, project planning: script writing and revision, roles.

Day 2

Familiarizing with video-making equipment, begin shooting video, learning basic and quick photography methods. Group critique of video clips, documenting length of the materials, determining supplemental shooting tasks.

Day 3

Learn from previous day's video shooting experience, improve techniques for a smoother production process. Produce supplemental shooting.

Day 4

Begin post-production/editing process. Learn how to compile and edit materials for a production.

Day 5

Under the trainer's guidance revise, finetune editing, mix music, enhance video. Final discussion and comments on the final product.

Advanced Camps:Focus on independently producing a video: project planning, script writing, scene scripts, camera positioning, shooting, lighting, post-production editing.  Participating in this camp without having attend our Basic Camp requires submission of portfolio and approval from the instructor.

2017 Summer Camp Dates & Rates:Rate comparisons with similar camps in north America: iD Tech  Woodward  Education Unlimited  

Session I:
  • 6/19/17-6/23/17 Basic Camp,  Mon-Fri:tuition $500,daily lunch add $50
  • 6/25/17-6/30/17 Advanced Camp Mon-Fri:tuition $600,daily lunch add $50  10% off for having completed a Basic Camp
Session II:
  • 8/14/17-8/18/17 Basic Camp,  Mon-Fri:tuition $600,daily lunch add $50
  • 8/21/17-8/25/17 Advanced Camp Mon-Fri:tuition $700,daily lunch add $50  10% off for having completed a Basic Camp
2017 Winter Camp Dates & Rates
  • 12/26/17-12/30/17 Tue-Sat Basic Camp:tuition $700,daily lunch add $50
2018 Spring Camp Dates & Rates
  • 3/26/2018-3/30/2018 Mon-Fri Basic Camp:tuition $800, daily lunch add $50

Summer Camp Rates are tentative and may subject to changes without prior notice